Tuesday, January 3, 2012

EatLoveMove: Most Popular 2011

Welcome to my collection of the 'most viewed' posts of 2011. Some really surpised me....which ones surprised you?

1. Creamy Sweet Chilli Pasta with Peas and Broccoli   66 views

A bit of a surprise really, as this was just a dish I knocked up from what I had in the pantry and the fridge at the time.

2. Plain Biryani Rice  55 views

Really?!? Plain rice?

3. Deep Fried Goodness  53 views

Much thanks to a friend's hubby for this little number. A most memorable culinary moment of 2011, and also a great memory of good friends and great company.

4. Szechuan Chicken  51 views

Very yummy. Very healthy. Very hot!!

This was a tasty and satisfying meal.

Something I always look forward to, and something that my reader's must have also enjoyed!

7. Tapioca Custard  32 views

One of the very few sweet dishes I prepared during 2011.

8. Chicken Tofu Pad Thai  32 views

My favourite meal of 2011, and probably of all time!

9. Prawn Risotto  30 views

A simple, yet elegant dish.

Thanks to all my readers. I look forward to bringing you more deliciousness during 2012!

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