Friday, July 15, 2011

My Aunty's Asian Banquet

Whenever we have a family meal at my Nan and Aunty's place, my Aunty usually whips up an extremely delicious and tasty Asian dinner, which I always look forward to. She has always been interested in cooking Asian dishes, so I guess I may have inherited my interest from her, and she inspires me because she's always aiming to get her dishes as authentic as she can. (The meal was also served with steamed rice, which isn't pictured).

 Beef Rendang - slow-cooked for a night and day. It delivered the perfect amount of spice (for four of us anyway!)

 Fried Rice

 Malaysian Vegetable Lemak

Honey Chicken - this is one of my favourites, as I think that my Aunty adds lemon juice as well, creating a vibrant, tangy sauce.

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