Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Pierogies are dumplings of unleavened dough traditionally stuffed with potato fillingsauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit. Of central and eastern European provenance, they are usually semicircular (Wikipedia).

In this instance, we boiled and then fried some sauerkraut and mushroom pierogies, and potato pierogies. They were one of the most delicious and simple dumplings I've tried, possibly my new fav meal! We also served these with some fried Polish sausage, which was extremely lean and beautifully smokey.

Polish sausage - served with the pierogies.

Frying the onion, boiling the pierogies.

The addition of dried herbs......

...whole peppercorns....

...browning the pierogies.

Traditionally served with sour cream.

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