Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jubbsy's Place.....

Wine + Cheese Platters + Feast + Friends = A Great Night In!!!

Cheese platter (clockwise from left) - Castello Peppercorn, Camembert, Stilton, Havarti, Quince Paste.

The quince paste was delish!

.....the camembert was oozing and glistening.....

Stlton was my fav of the night. I almost melted when I had my first bite!

Crushing up spices for the onion bhajis.

Onion bahji, dry ingredients. 

A huge bunch of fresh coriander, straigh from Jubbsy's garden. The aroma was amazing!

Spooning the Orange Polenta Cake mixture into the tin......

Onion bahji mixture.....

Deep-fried Bahji goodness!

....served with yoghurt mint sauce and mango chutney (not pictured).


....I loved the addition of spinach.

Butter chicken, so juicy and tender.

...served with rice and bhajis.

Orange Polenta Cake, warm and moist.

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